Abenaki,  “Alno^bak”,  the real people

Homeland is Ndakinna.


The Abenaki are a member of the Wabanaki Confederacy.  In western Massachusetts, the communities are part of the WesternAbenaki.

Today, many band communities still exist in western New England.  The largest is the community at Mississquoi, VT.

Wawanolewat (Greylock), “he who fools the others or puts someone off the track”

    From 1723-1727, Wawanolewat led a series of raids, hit and run guerilla warfare, on Northfield, Hatfield, Deerfield, Westfield and the surrounding area.  He used his extensive knowledge of the Connecticut River and its environs to hide and strike the English colonial settlements on the Connecticut River. His successes attracted warriors from other Native Nations in the wider region beyond the Connecticut River.  He was never caught, had children and lived a long life.